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Try Sailing and Windsurfing on SUNDAY June 25, 2017 from 11am to 3pm

FREE open house event - Try Sailing and Windsurfing for FREE

The Outer Harbour Sailing Federation Water Sport Camp will be open on Sunday June 26th for any young person age 7-17 to try Sailing and/or Windsurfing for FREE!

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Discover rowing, sailing and windsurfing - These are sports for life that help a child learn and grow as a person. Many people love and continue to row, sail or windsurf for their entire life.

At our water sport camp you can choose a full day of rowing, sailing and windsurfing or choose half days of two different sports. We split sports into morning and afternoon sessions. Options available are:

  • Learn to Row half day (age 13-18). Hanlan Learn to Row program provides youth with the opportunity to participate in Canada's most successful Olympic summer sport! Rowing is only available as a half day in the morning or afternoon.
  • Learn to Sail full or half day (age 7-17). Choose wet feet or ICANSail if you have never been sailing before. CANSail 1 & 2 is available for students who have already tried sailing before and are moving onto the next level.
  • Learn to Windsurf full or half day (age 10-17). Windsurfing is an exhilarating sport which combines traditional sailing with a board sport like surfing, snowboarding or skateboarding.
  • Sailing Fanatics young sailors (age 11-17). Sailing Fanatics is working with the OHSF Water Sport Camp to offer a program for sailors who are working on CANSail 3, 4 or 5. View photos of the 2016 program at and find out more at Sailors will learn advanced and performance skills in RS Vision sailboats ( The RS Vision is an exciting and modern sailboat with trapeze and spinnaker. The features of the RS Vision are similar to olympic performance boats but more forgiving for those who are learning.

Junior and Youth Sailing in the Outer Harbour

Learn to sail, go fast in modern sailboats and have fun with a safety first sailing school.

CANSail Programs are designed for youth from 7 to 17 years old. Students are divided into appropriate age and skill level groups. The curriculum is based on Sail Canada standards and students have the opportunity to earn nationally recognized certificates for each level by demonstrating skills learned in the program.

Note on CANSail levels

One week of camp (especially half days) is not enough time to get a level. We have introduced badges that break the CANSail curriculum into smaller parts. Badges are an achievment that can be awarded to a sailor each day. Sailors earn a badge as they demonstrate their skills. We still hand out progress reports for CANSail levels and update the checklists for CANSail with Sail Canada.

Sail Canada recommends that sailors take two (2) full weeks of full day lessons to achieve a level. Many children are not at camp long enough to achieve a CANSail level. Inclement weather may also affect time on the water for your childs week at the camp.

Outer Harbour Sailing Federation Water Sport Camp

Outer Harbour Sailing Federation Water Sport Camp

14 Regatta Rd, Toronto

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